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Our current open positions:

We are looking for JR Business Analysts to be included in the analysis and design division of the product team.

Duties & Responsabilities

Working in a Team in Agile mode, candidates will interact with the Sr Business Analysts, Project / Product Managers and the entire Development team. They will join daily stand-ups and sprint planning & retrospective meetings, taking an active part in the various phases of the software life cycle.

Requirements analysis
Technical documentation editing (requirements and manuals)
Functional testing
Partner and customer training
Partner & customer support
Sales & presales team support

Technical Skills

Computer Skills
Software life cycle management
Basic programming skills
Database query and reporting skills
Medical IT skills
Knowledge of Hospital processes & workflows

Soft Skills

Management skills
Team work

We are looking for Developers, both on the frontend side and the backend side to be included in the core development team.

Duties and Responsibilities:

As part of an Agile team, candidates will be involved in developing core components of the clinical collaboration platform. By adopting the development methodologies and the shared guidelines, they will have to create modular components that meet the requirements defined by an analysis and architecture team. They may be involved both in the realization of unit tests to check what has been achieved, and in the drafting of technical product documentation. Based on the technological skills and experience already acquired, they will be able to participate in defining the architecture of the new modules in roadmap.

Skills & Experience

Common Skills & Experience (Frontend/Backend)

At least 5 years’ experience in implementing web solutions
At least 1 year of experience in implementing web solutions on the .Net Core framework

Knowledge of object-oriented programming
Knowledge of modern programming patterns and architectures (Dependency Injection, Repository Pattern, Singleton, Asynchronous programming…)
Familiarity with various architectural designs patterns (DDD, MVC, CQRS / ES)
Knowledge of REST and SOAP architectures
Knowledge of the .NET framework and the C # language
Knowledge of tools for code versioning (Git, TFS, VSTS, Subversion,)


Knowledge of HTML5, Javascript and CSS
Knowledge and development experience with AJAX, JQuery, TypeScript, SASS
Knowledge and development experience with the main Web frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue, ExtJs
Knowledge and experience in developing real-time web applications via SignalR or WebSocket


Familiarity with main database management systems (MS SQL Server, MySql, Oracle, PostgreSQL)
Experience with database modeling
Experience with ORM framework (Hibernate, EntityFramework, …)
Experience with NoSQL databases (MongoDB, CouchDB, DocumentDB, …)
Familiarity with AMQP (RabbitMQ)

Common Soft Skill

Team work
Problem solving
Passion for information technology

Common Plus

Experience in clinical / health / medical development
Knowledge of HL7 and FHIR standards

We are looking for Quality Assurance SW Tester to be included in the analysis and design division of the product team.

Duties & Responsabilities

The Quality Assurance SW Tester plays an important role in the analysis and validation of the functional, performance and security requirements of the Nuvyta platform, including the creation of test plans and the execution of appropriate test scripts.
As a member of an Agile Team, he will interact with the Sr Business Analysts, the Project / Product Managers, with the entire Development team and with the Support team.
Will be responsible for:

Ensure that the clinical collaboration platform functions regularly in compliance with functional, performance and safety requirements using appropriate methodologies.
Ensure that all functional and technical requirements are covered by appropriate test cases.
Report the test results in documentation to support troubleshooting.
Use components of the Nuvyta platform to become an expert on the subject.
Maintain competence in the evolution of software, operating systems and Nuvyta technologies.
Collaborate with functional analysts, users, developers and the support team to collect data for test coverage.

Technical Skills

Bachelor, Degree or Master degree in technical disciplines and / or equivalent experience in a QA environment.
Experience in configuration tools / Windows / Linux applications.
Experience with modern bug tracking tools

Soft Skills

Technical and logical thinking
Problem solving

Experience as a tester
Experience with Agile / Scrum methodologies are a plus
Experience in IT Operations